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How to access your timetable

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How to access your timetable
by Student and Programme Centre - Monday, 1 October 2018, 1:22 PM

Please see the following guide to assist you in accessing your programme timetable:


1.       Open the My Uni portal (a link may be found at the bottom of University Home page)

2.       Click on Timetables (Wrexham)

3.       Click on 18/19 Academic Timetables

4.       Click on 18/19 Academic Timetables which will take you to the Timetable Finder

5.       Click Group to filter the list show only Programme Timetables. (You may filter the list further by selecting the relevant department as well if you wish)

6.       Scroll down to the entry for your programme & level and click on it to open the timetable.

7.       Each timetable is displayed on a week-by-week basis.


We have received a number of requests for timetables to be emailed directly to students – regrettably this is not possible due to the volume of requests this would generate.  Additionally, an emailed copy of the timetable would not remain in sync with later changes.


It is important that you continue to consult your online timetable on a regular basis as this is the definitive source of information which will include any urgent changes which may occur.