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Wrexham Glyndwr University Counselling Service

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Wrexham Glyndwr University Counselling Service
by Student and Programme Centre - Monday, 2 October 2017, 12:25 PM

Wrexham Glyndwr University

Counselling Service


Whether you are just embarking on life at university or you are further along with your studies, settling into university life at the start of the new term may not always go as expected. Adjusting to new routines, meeting new people, managing finances as well as attending lectures and staying on top of academic demands can seem overwhelming at times.

Here at the Counselling Service our qualified counsellors are here to support you.


Counselling can give you time to explore what is going on in your life in a safe setting with a trained professional. You will be listened to, respected and not judged.

You can explore ways to help yourself, to do things differently, be clearer about things and move forward in a more positive way.


Supporting and enabling students to fulfil their potential - a confidential, professional and accessible service for all students.


You can confidentially email:<> for an initial appointment.  

We are located on the third floor of the library.

Please visit our MOODLE pages where you will find lots of information about our service together with self-help information, relaxation programmes, podcasts, booklets and links to other organisations to support your wellbeing.

From the Counselling Team at Glyndwr