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Fun-filled & free Happiness & ‘In Character’ Workshops to improve your interview skills – BOOK NOW!

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Fun-filled & free Happiness & ‘In Character’ Workshops to improve your interview skills – BOOK NOW!
by Admin AC - Friday, 20 May 2016, 2:22 PM

Happiness Workshops (series of 3): 8th June (3 hours), 8th July (1h) and 13th September  2016 (1h) – 10:00-13:00


The Happiness Programme is designed to help you look after your resilience. The programme starts with a 3 hour Happiness Workshop. One of our key messages to the people we work with is to be pro-active. Prevention, as they say, is better than cure. We teach our delegates simple tools, tips and techniques designed to be integrated into their everyday lives in order to help them respond better to any situation. In other words we build up your happiness & resilience.

The initial workshop will cover:


• Explanations of resilience and stress

• Explanation of how the mind works

• Exercise around taking responsibility

• Exercises around making assumptions

• Introduction to Mindfulness

• Exercises to build positive mindset

• Exercises to release negativity

• Relaxation exercises


The initial workshop will be followed up with 2 shorter sessions of approximately 1 hour. These workshops will allow us to look in more depth at specific issues such as confidence in different situations, anxiety, negativity etc. Each of these workshops will be tailored according to your specific needs.

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‘In Character’ Workshop 1: 9th June 2016 10:00-12:30 or ‘In Character’ Workshop 2: 13:30-16:00


Question 1: Are you nervous about your performance at interviews? Question 2: So you enjoy laughing?


If you have answered yes to one or both of these questions - then you simply must sign up to one of our free 'In Character' sessions!


Experience an entertaining and fun-filled workshop led by the inimitable 'actor' Sir Randolph Tempest (AKA Character Actor, Peter Slater - from BBC3's Ideal, Coronation Street and BBC4's The Detectorists)


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workshop 2

Sign up and attend a minimum of 2 Careers and Zone workshops over the summer and have a chance to win £50 in Amazon vouchers and make summer work for you!