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Assessment points & Extenuating Circumstances

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Assessment points & Extenuating Circumstances
by Stephen Clegg - Tuesday, 1 December 2015, 9:04 AM

If you are feeling unwell or experiencing difficult circumstances around a point of assessment you may wish to submit an extenuating circumstances claim. The University defines extenuating circumstances as:


‘Extenuating Circumstances are circumstances, normally exceptional and outside the control of the student, which have prevented him/her from performing in assessment at the level expected or required of him/her or from undertaking the assessment.’


Please be advised that from October 2015, the EC Policy and Procedure has been amended. This means that if you have received a mark for a piece of work and subsequently have an EC claim approved, any marks received for that work will be cancelled and the mark will be reset to 0. You will not be permitted to keep any marks you have received for a piece of work. Instead, you will be allowed to resubmit work or resit the examination as if it was the original submission/attempt; therefore if you have ECs accepted for a first attempt you will be able to receive an uncapped mark. Please note that if you have ECs accepted for a second attempt, your mark will still be capped at 40 but the attempt will have been protected.


If you have a long term condition, you should speak to your Programme Leader about reasonable adjustment and you may wish to discuss the possibility of submitting a learning plan.


For further information regarding the policy and procedure, please contact SPC in room B14, email  or Support and guidance on completion of the forms and evidential standards is available from the Student Guild.


Please note that Guidance regarding the evidential standards to support claims has also been updated and students should make themselves aware of this.  The guidance can be accessed from the VLE/Moodle from the following link:


Sent on behalf of the Regulations, Assessment and Awards Unit.